Chilling in the Heat

Can it really be six months since I arrived here in France? It really doesn’t seem possible, and by saying “where does the time go?” I am leaving myself open to all sorts of (rude) comments about how old I must be getting, and so on! Having said that, I am feeling very settled in my new French life and am ridiculously happy. Of course I have had to cope with the recent tragic accident with Hugo, but daily life has to have some challenges I guess! Having been here for such a relatively short period, I am thrilled that everyone in the village is so friendly. The kind comments and concern shown after Hugo’s death just reinforced their accepting nature.

So, this is a bit of a catch-up seeing as I haven’t posted for a while. Back in early May, my shipment from Australia finally arrived…only took six months, but that was all to do with French bureaucracy. After endless emails and sending so much paperwork, I got there in the end. Another challenge met!

DSCN2772A tiny sample of the shipment!

Taking delivery was easy….unpacking was the hard part, even though it was like Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one. I had little idea what was in each carton because other than books, I didn’t do the packing. I soon found out though because the very next day my brother and sis-in-law arrived from the UK. I had to clear space and make the place somewhat habitable.

It was great to have them visit again, and for longer this time than the 2 days whistle-stop visit in March. Other than seeing them, my brother kindly painted my kitchen ceiling. (I’ve had a new kitchen fitted and that will be another post…it’s still not finished!!!). But there were other jobs to do as well….like putting up my pergola.


DSCN2787I’m thrilled with it and have to say that I spend so much time here just sitting and listening to the birds and watching their antics. It’s also an excellent place for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon beer or wine and a cool spot to relax after dinner (with another wine)!

It seems that summer arrived weeks ago and just keeps intensifying. Those lazy, hazy summer days with endless blue skies and temps around 30c feel as if they are here to stay. However, the downside is that the garden suffers a bit. At least I have the well as a source of water, and once the pump is connected I get crystal clear, icy cold water to top up the pond and to keep the plants happy. I don’t think I have seen so many bees and butterflies for a very long time…another very good reason to ensure the flowers don’t shrivel up and die.

DSCN2827Just how many bees can a flower hold?

DSCN2845Butterflies (commas) feeding on the lavender

Along with all of the sights and sounds, there is a constantly changing array of scents from lilac to roses, mock orange to paeonies and currently there is the heady scent of lillies.


Well, I’m hot and exhausted now, so I’m off for a dip. Stay cool.


A Bientôt!

About Al in France

Dreams do come true and I am now retired and living with Maggie, my chocolate labrador, in France in the Deux-Sevres. I love travel and photography and hope to combine both interests here to make a record for myself, and somewhere where I hope you will get to enjoy a part of my life in this region, in France and further afield when I get the opportunity. Please feel free to follow and comment. A Bientot!
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