Reluctant Storm

Eighty-eight of France’s 95 metropolitan départéments are currently dealing with strict water restrictions after the hottest summer on record in many parts of l’Héxagone. Mid-September and temps are still into the 30’s and to say that the ground is parched would be an understatement. Fortunately I have managed to stretch out my saved water to keep the vegetable patch going, and some ‘essential’ plants hydrated, but with levels dropping rapidly, I am hanging out for some good steady rain.

Yesterday evening saw the clouds building and the sky darkening by the second. A quick check on the French weather site, Météo France, indicated an imminent storm…cheers all round!

DSCN5295Well, what a wash-out it turned to be….but not in the wet sense! We managed a short, sharp shower, a few claps of thunder and that was it. My hopes and expectations were dashed, I can tell you. Later in the evening I took Maggie out for her usual walk and she didn’t even get wet feet. The reluctant storm had moved away, taking a few minor cloud-bursts with it.

DSCN5303Even the lonesome partridge was getting desparate, flying into the garden to drink from the water in the pond.

DSCN5288Waking this morning I was woken by the glorious sound of the rain pattering on the ground outside. Thankfully it has continued for several hours today and although a spit in the ocean, it has at least given some minor relief to the garden, and dampened down the dust.

A Bientot!


About Al in France

Dreams do come true and I am now retired and living with Maggie, my chocolate labrador, in France in the Deux-Sevres. I love travel and photography and hope to combine both interests here to make a record for myself, and somewhere where I hope you will get to enjoy a part of my life in this region, in France and further afield when I get the opportunity. Please feel free to follow and comment. A Bientot!
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2 Responses to Reluctant Storm

  1. margaret21 says:

    It must be getting quite worrying. All the same, our current guests from France are not pleased that the last four days of their stay look like wall-to-wall rain.


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