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Dreams do come true and I am now retired and living with Maggie, my chocolate labrador, in France in the Deux-Sevres. I love travel and photography and hope to combine both interests here to make a record for myself, and somewhere where I hope you will get to enjoy a part of my life in this region, in France and further afield when I get the opportunity. Please feel free to follow and comment. A Bientot!


Almost 30 years ago I was living in Canada in Northern Alberta. As you can guess, winters were long and hard, but very enjoyable. However, after far too much snow and ice and regular temps of anything between minus 10c … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

I can’t decide if this is natural or the product of some secret lovers who carved a heart into this tree. My wistful, romantic side wants to believe that they met in ‘lovers lane’ years ago and declared their undying, … Continue reading

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Early one morning….

Weather-wise, it feels as we have had little else other than rain, damp, fog and overall misery these past weeks, so when we get a nice day it gladdens the heart and soul and it sort of makes it all … Continue reading

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February…at last.

It is often quoted that February is the border between winter and spring. Thankfully we have now left January behind. I always think that the first month of the year is such a long, tiresome month that feels endless and … Continue reading

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There is something perfectly lovely and cosy about waking up to the sound of heavy rain beating down on the tiles and lashing at the windows whilst being inside, still in bed, warm and dry, Maggie pushed into my side … Continue reading

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Another day.

Who would have believed that a day could change so fast? We have been spolied by the generally mild winter so far, with above average temperatures, certainly no snow (rare for this area), and little in the way of storms … Continue reading

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Freezing Fog…UGH!

If there is one thing I really hate, it is fog, followed very closely by freezing fog. I let Maggie out at 6h30 whilst it was still night…bitterly cold, frost covering the dark world and millions of stars twinkling so … Continue reading

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Golden Glory.

        Look out and see an ascending sun; Her light dances upon frosty blades of grass in early morning; as dawn breaks and fog parts. Surrendering to a fleeting warmth. (Copied from ‘Valley of Light’ by Lily … Continue reading

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Last Supper…Indian style!

So, my last day in the UK for now and this morning was a day of packing bags and boxes into the car. This past week I have had both my brother and sister-in-law joking that there is still plenty … Continue reading

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Winter Scenes

I am still here with my brother and sis-in law and my stay in the UK is starting to wind-down. I can’t believe that the time has passed by so quickly. This morning brought the first really cold morning of … Continue reading

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Another Year…..

As one year ends and the new one starts, I find myself with my dear brother and sister-in-law in the UK. Nothing says ‘celebrate’ more than being with family and friends. All thoughts and desires are to the coming year … Continue reading

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And So It Begins Again….

Time passes and here we are in another year. As always, we say “where did the last one go”? and bemoan the passing of time. I’m spending this one with family in the UK, so it’s a fantastic start to … Continue reading

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Family Visitors

I’m now in the process of playing ‘catch-up’, so the next number of posts will be from July when my daughter, Amy,  and her husband, Damien, visited from New Zealand. Having made the long flight from New Zealand and Australia … Continue reading

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Longest, Hottest Day

Not only is it the longest day, but it is also the hottest day. And there was I, thinking how nice it would be to move to somewhere cooler than Australia! Ha! We are currently in the middle of a … Continue reading

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Chilling in the Heat

Can it really be six months since I arrived here in France? It really doesn’t seem possible, and by saying “where does the time go?” I am leaving myself open to all sorts of (rude) comments about how old I … Continue reading

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People always say that time is a healer, and although it is going to take a long time, I can now post about Hugo who sadly died a week ago in a tragic accident. My world came to a complete … Continue reading

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How to Learn French…

I have always been told that the best way to learn a language is by immersion. Get in there amongst the locals, try to make conversation, don’t be afraid of making a mistake, have a go and other such worldly … Continue reading

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Life on Speed

I have to say that it really is as if nature is on drugs. I turn my back and before I know it, something new has surfaced, or existing plants have grown another few cms overnight. It’s like nature is … Continue reading

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Rape in the fields!

No, not that kind of rape! When I was living in the UK it was always called rape, but rapeseed is known as canola in other places, and colza here in France. Whatever you call it, the countryside is transformed … Continue reading

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Dried Fish!

You know that horrible feeling you have when you something isn’t right? What has happened? Why? Did you do something wrong? Is it expensive? I had all those feelings and more last week when I suddenly noticed that the water … Continue reading

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La Rochelle

When it’s raining and the skies are leaden, it’s always nice to think back to the glorious weather of last week when we managed 24c. Come back soon sun and warmth! It was a bit of a last minute plan … Continue reading

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First Quarter

I really can’t believe that exactly three months ago, I landed in a very cold and frosty France, starting my new life here in the Deux-Sèvres. So much has happened in that short time: no water when I arrived, then … Continue reading

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The great thing about living in this region is that you really don’t have to travel very far to enjoy the delights of small towns and villages, relatively traffic-free roads, and at this time of year, few tourists. The wonderful … Continue reading

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Almost Spring

We are being lulled into a false sense of security by unseasonal mild weather. It’s still Februaury and even though the seasons are changing, we aren’t out of winter just yet. These past days have been nothing short of beautiful, … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

The routine with Hugo is becoming established and we try to manage 3 walks a day, one of them a long walk, usually in the afternoon. He seems to have bundles of energy and never tires…until the end of the … Continue reading

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Frustration in a box

All of my well-laid plans to keep a regular blog from my arrival went totally to pot! Not from any fault of my own I hasten to add. It all stems from the lack of internet and the frustrations of … Continue reading

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Bonne Année 2017

The start of a new year and a start to my new life here in France.I’ve actually been here now for 3 weeks and geting settled is all part of the adventure. I think that not a lot has happened, … Continue reading

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Au Départ.

And so it begins……my move to a new life in France. I’m just 2 days away from leaving Brisbane, Australia. The removal company have packed up everything and I’ll see my belongings in 3-4 months time. It seems like an … Continue reading

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