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There is something perfectly lovely and cosy about waking up to the sound of heavy rain beating down on the tiles and lashing at the windows whilst being inside, still in bed, warm and dry, Maggie pushed into my side … Continue reading

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Another day.

Who would have believed that a day could change so fast? We have been spolied by the generally mild winter so far, with above average temperatures, certainly no snow (rare for this area), and little in the way of storms … Continue reading

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Freezing Fog…UGH!

If there is one thing I really hate, it is fog, followed very closely by freezing fog. I let Maggie out at 6h30 whilst it was still night…bitterly cold, frost covering the dark world and millions of stars twinkling so … Continue reading

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Golden Glory.

        Look out and see an ascending sun; Her light dances upon frosty blades of grass in early morning; as dawn breaks and fog parts. Surrendering to a fleeting warmth. (Copied from ‘Valley of Light’ by Lily … Continue reading

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Last Supper…Indian style!

So, my last day in the UK for now and this morning was a day of packing bags and boxes into the car. This past week I have had both my brother and sister-in-law joking that there is still plenty … Continue reading

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Winter Scenes

I am still here with my brother and sis-in law and my stay in the UK is starting to wind-down. I can’t believe that the time has passed by so quickly. This morning brought the first really cold morning of … Continue reading

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Another Year…..

As one year ends and the new one starts, I find myself with my dear brother and sister-in-law in the UK. Nothing says ‘celebrate’ more than being with family and friends. All thoughts and desires are to the coming year … Continue reading

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