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It’s Coming!

Well, a lot of things are coming I suppose, but this is hopefully some welcome relief from the current ‘canicule’ – heatwave. After 2 1/2 months of no rain and daytime temps that haven’t been below 30c, we are promised … Continue reading

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Sweating it out!

Well, the French weather site is often next to useless, more benefit being gained from a chocolate teapot. Even when you look at the radar, it is wrong. However, they have excelled with their predictions of a ‘Pic de … Continue reading

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All Change!

I’ve been very remiss at posting recently. I must say that I have been very busy with one thing and another, and with spring upon us, the garden has occupied a lot of my time. With the longer days and … Continue reading

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Seasonal Confusion

Well, here we are…we made it to the end of January! I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that January seems to just go on for ever and ever. As always, at this time of year, there is … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Warning

Well, we have made it through the month and here we are at the end of autumn, meteorologically speaking. I was thrilled to be able to walk Maggie in the dry for a change and no doubt she was happy … Continue reading

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Misty Morning

Under a mantle of frost and mist, the countryside is looking radiant this morning as the low sun reminds us that winter will soon be upon us. The early morning mist and dew The faintest sunlight shining through, The branches … Continue reading

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A trip around the Béarn

This was a day spent dodging the rain, but eventually it caught up with me. Thankfully I am on the western side in the Pyrénées Atlantiques. To the east on the Mediterranean side they have been experiencing massive deluges of … Continue reading

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Summer’s Last Hurrah?

Well here we are, mid-October and it is 26c. Much needed rains have fallen for the first half of this month and everywhere looks refreshed and invigorated. The weeds are making up for the heatwaves of summer and the grass … Continue reading

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Reluctant Storm

Eighty-eight of France’s 95 metropolitan départéments are currently dealing with strict water restrictions after the hottest summer on record in many parts of l’Héxagone. Mid-September and temps are still into the 30’s and to say that the ground is parched … Continue reading

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Climate Change

I suppose it was bound to happen. Summer just can’t last for ever, nor would I want it to, but as we left August behind, September greeted us with strange looking grey skies developing into a soaking, fine rain, and … Continue reading

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Head in the clouds

The last heatwave in July was really unbearable at times. There were days when it reached 40c+ and I felt as though every ounce of energy had been sapped from me, leaving me lethargic and almost unable to function. I … Continue reading

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