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Sweating it out!

Well, the French weather site is often next to useless, more benefit being gained from a chocolate teapot. Even when you look at the radar, it is wrong. However, they have excelled with their predictions of a ‘Pic de … Continue reading

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Keeping it Green.

Pinching the idea from Colin’s blog ( ) I feel somewhat inspired to share my humble efforts in the veggie patch. It can be a challenge in this region of France where we get blisteringly hot summers and everything … Continue reading

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‘Sunday’ Driver!

As nice as it is, I can’t stay on holiday for ever, and if I didn’t come home I wouldn’t appreciate the fun of going away again. As sad as it is to leave this beautiful area, it isn’t as … Continue reading

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It is impossible (almost) to get away from the fortified towns or ‘Bastides’ that seem to breed in this area. There are about 300 of them in the southwest part of France, and the Dordogne boasts some of the prettiest … Continue reading

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Castles in the air.

I don’t know about you, but do you sometimes set out on a destination only to find that there is something really interesting on the way there? I was heading in the direction of La Roque Gageac on the banks … Continue reading

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The Dordogne is blessed with 10 of the ‘plus beaux villages de France’ (most beautiful villages) putting it in the top along with the Aveyron. It would be very fair to say that a lot of them are similar and … Continue reading

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Isolation with a difference.

Time to get away again in my pod. I had this site booked for a stay in May but with restrictions and the fact that it was still closed, I wasn’t able to visit. No matter, I’m here now. And … Continue reading

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